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Eve Leoni Art

'Flying above the Fitties' Original Painting

'Flying above the Fitties' Original Painting

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Local artist, Eve Leoni Smith perfectly captures the magic of an evening at the Humberston Fitties, where paragliders soar and paddleboarders glide. This original watercolour painting was inspired by Eve's early evening walks from the Yacht Club towards Anthony's Bank at the Humberston Fitties. This watercolour painting captures the paragliders enjoying themselves after the sun has lowered beyond the horizon and the crickets have started chirping in the long grass. Paddleboarders can also be seen  enjoying the calm waters and evening summer breeze. This piece perfectly encapsulates the essence of summer.

Measurements are approximately 9 x 6 inches. Please message me if interested in a frame for this original watercolour painting!

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