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Eve Leoni Art

'Donkey Party' Art Print

'Donkey Party' Art Print

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'Donkey Party' is one of Eve's most popular designs to date; this charming watercolour painting of beach-loving donkeys was created whilst imagining the personalities of the donkeys on Cleethorpes beach. Local artist, Eve Leoni Smith, wanted to personify the donkey who photobombs the group photos, and the ice-cream dropper among the herd. Perfect for adding personality to your space, and sure to make any donkey-lover smile. And if you can't get enough of this quirky design, you'll also find it on our top-selling notebooks and tea towels.

'Lots of walks along Cleethorpes beach led me to grow curious about the donkey's personalities and what they might get up to when humans aren't looking!'

It looks like one of them didn't want to miss out on the photo! 

Frame options: White, double grey or double black. Please get in touch if you're interesting in a larger print size or frame.

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