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A little bit about me...

Learn about what inspires my artwork , where to find me and how it all began.


My Story

Being creative has always been in my nature. Some of my first memories include me painting in the kitchen, telling my parents how to take the best photos and creating mini musicals with my sisters. Every year at Christmas I'd receive the 'Art Attack' annual and attempt to copy Neil Buchanan's creations. I'd get excited if I could take a day off school as the best art shows were on at lunchtime. 

Although I always enjoyed making art for people growing up, I never stopped to think about if I was actually any good at it. I've been brought up to always do what I enjoy, regardless of how high my scores were at school (though naturally I would always do better at the subjects that most interested me). It wasn't until my GCSE's when I came runner up in the North Lincolnshire Young Painter of the Year competition that I realised other people liked my work. I decided to continue my studies at A Level, and the year after, I was awarded as the winner for the same competition. During this time, I started to post photos of my work on social media, and so I received my first commission request at 16 years old. 

Being a performer too, I never planned for art to become my full time job. It has always been a way for me to escape the stresses of daily life, and so being able to earn a living whilst doing something I love is a huge privilege and I'm very grateful.

At age 19, I decided to paint a few pictures of the local area to display at my dad's seaside restaurant in Cleethorpes. They immediately sold and I realised I was onto something.

Fast forward to 2022 and it's the COVID-19 Lockdown. I was so excited. Finally an excuse to paint all day every day and get all of my ideas onto paper. This is when my business (accidentally) started to take off. I was able to become a stockist at the Original Emporium in Cleethorpes and sell prints of animals, dancers and the local area. More and more people were starting to see my work and so the commission book was filling and my portfolio was expanding. I'm a true believer that whilst there were definitely some extremely challenging times during the lockdown, it was a huge blessing to me, as it enabled me to propel myself into a career that I love.



What motivates me to paint...

Painting is a wonderful way to relieve stress and anxiety. So is thinking about happy memories and times with loved ones.

The reason I paint is to not only help my own mental health, but to bring a smile to anyone who sees my work. Nothing brings me more happiness than having the ability to create something special for someone, something that can unlock a precious memory and bring a sense of positivity to a home.

Having studied psychology as well as art, I'm so passionate about raising awareness for mental health and using colours that provoke feelings of calmness and serenity. That's why scenes that feature the sea and pastel skies always seem to inspire me the most. I must admit I love a good donkey too, and so adding a little humour to my work is much enjoyed as well.

Music and dance have been a huge influence in my style growing up. My loose lines and splatters have been heavily inspired by movement and the way I can capture this within a painting. I simply cannot create without listening to positive music and having a boogie at the same time!


Where to find me...

In Store

Find my work at the Original Emporium down Cambridge Street, Cleethorpes or at It Started with a Stitch down Abbeygate, Grimsby.

Both shops are filled with lots of work by local makers and artists, so they really are worth a visit.


At Markets

Several times a year I will pop up at local markets in Lincolnshire and London, always with the help and company of my wonderful mum. These make for a great opportunity to browse work in person and have a chat with me!

Be sure to follow my social media to keep up to date on market days.


Whenever I come home, I'm always breathing in the seaside air and capturing pictures of the pretty skies for me to paint. It is where I am my happiest, and biggest inspiration for my work.


Painting somewhere random...

I love taking my little travel set wherever I go and creating some observational paintings of places I find pretty. A couple of my favourite spots include the Lake District and Italy.

Upcoming Christmas Markets

I can't wait to see some of you at the Christmas markets this year. I've been lucky enough to get accepted onto some fantastic events in Grimsby and London. Come and join in the Christmas fun!

Mouse and the Moon Christmas_edited.jpg
Grimsby Institute

Thursday 1st December


I'm so happy to be returning to this lovely Makers Market in the Giorel Gallery at Grimsby Institute. One to the public, a great way to spend the first day of December!


Holten Le Clay Village Hall

26th November

10am - 3pm

Christmas craft fair celebrating local artists and makers in the heart of Holten Le Clay. Please note: I won't personally be able to attend this one.

Christmas Gifts

Healing Manor

Saturday 19th November

10am - 4pm

Surrounded by Christmas lights and decorations, this makers market is sure to get you into the Christmas spirit!

Gingerbread Man

Cleethorpes 'Lights Switch On', St Peters Hall

2nd and 3rd December

4-7:30pm, 10am-4pm

This event is super special as it celebrates not only the lights switching on down St Peters Avenue, but it's also Small Business Saturday!

Decorated Cookies

St Michael and All Angels Church, London

25th, 26th and 27th November

7-9pm, 10-5pm, 12-5pm

The Chiswick Creatives Christmas market is a warm, welcoming and festive market celebrating local West London artists and makers.

IMG_1863 (1).JPG

Grimsby Minster

10th December

10am - 4pm

After an amazing turn out last year, I'm so excited to be apart of the OE Makers Market again this year! There is also a huge installation of the Earth to marvel at.

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